Welcome to speron.net, home of the SPERoN model and the acoustic optimization tool (AOT). Here you will find all the news about the latest developements of the SPERoN model and the software application to use it: the SPERoN acoustic optimization tool (SPERoN - AOT).


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SPERoN is a tyre/road noise prediction modelling framework developed over the past decade by a consortium consisting of M+P, Müller-BBM and Chalmers University, Division of Applied Acoustics. SPERoN is an acronym for Statistical Physical Explanation of Rolling Noise. The purpose of the framework is to predict the influence of road properties on tyre/road noise.

rolling tyre
Rolling noise is generated by tyre/road interaction

SPERoN is a hybrid modelling framework, consisting of physical parts, e.g. for the prediction of the tyre/road contact forces, and statistical parts such as a series of multivariate linear regression models to predict the noise spectrum resulting from tyre vibrations, airflow-related mechanisms, tyre friction, tyre cavity noise and aero­dynamic vehicle noise.

Based on the very first modelling steps made in the framework of the "Sperenberg-Projekt" funded by the German Highway Research Institute (BASt), the model has been considerably extended and improved within the EU 6th Framework programs SILENCE and ITARI and in the Dutch IPG program. Within the last project, the SPERoN model has become available to a wide public in the form of a GUI-driven software application. This tool is called Acoustic Optimization Tool (AOT).

This site is dedicated to informing you about the SPERoN model and the software application AOT that is closely connected to it. We have focussed on the model and software developments in 2008 and the application is reaching maturity. However, this website is still under construction. At the moment it only contains the minimum of information. We will be updating this site during the next months. So, come back again soon.

Acoustic Optimization Tool

The SPERoN - Acoustic Optimization Tool (AOT) is a software application that provides a graphical user interface for the interaction with the computational model which runs on a dedicated server on the internet. Moreover, the AOT makes some additional features for the understanding and developing of silent roads available. The user can investigate the effect of changes of the road surface such as changing the texture (i.e. roughness), the acoustic absorption and flow resistance (related to porosity) and the dynamic stiffness.

Input can be chosen from a vast measurement database or supplied by the user itself (either from measurements or virtual designs). It is the first model on the market that handles the noise from truck tyres and handles porous road surfaces in an integrated manner. Results are presented as estimated noise spectra and noise levels. These quantities are directly related to the SPB or CPX measurement standards.

The software package itself is a Windows based client/server application. An intuitive graphical user interface has been developed with the support of a user panel of road authorities and engineers.





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